FAFSA 2024更新

Due to nationwide delays in the FAFSA process, all new 和 returning students will receive their financial aid awards later than usual this year. FAFSA 2024常见问题

Loyola has extended the enrollment deposit deadline for incoming first-year students to June 1, 2024. 阅读全文




Loyola University 新奥尔良 is embarking on a three-year strategic plan to more fully embody our 耶稣的身份 和 the creativity of 新奥尔良. We are at a pivotal time for higher education—a time that requires innovation to meet the changing needs of this generation of students.

我们唯一的目标是 看台apostolica, care for the institution. Our Strategic Plan will help us return to a place of financial health 和 stability 和 allow us to grow our resources to invest in 我们的使命, 我们的人民, 还有我们的学生. With clear 和 achievable strategies, Loyola will thrive for another century of transforming lives. 阅读更多


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Building on Our Strengths

Our strategic vision is rooted in our 耶稣的身份 和 connection to 新奥尔良.


Where Courage Meets Creativity

We’ve identified four core strategies that will help us translate 我们的使命 as a Jesuit institution into the language of this generation of students.



We will pursue relevant 和 market-driven academic programs.


We will embrace innovation to enhance our educational experience.


We will take our place as the most creative Jesuit institution.


We will foster stewardship of our university resources.


As a result of our 2020年战略规划, we aim to achieve these specific, measurable outcomes.


Hundreds of members of the Loyola community came together, in meetings both formal 和 informal, to identify Loyola’s strengths 和 find ways to build upon them. We worked with the university’s st和ing Strategic Planning Committee 和 with a creative group of faculty from each college. This was a Jesuit process of discernment, discovering truth through considered conversation 和 consensus. 

Our plan also builds on the work we’ve already done as a university to reflect on our identity 和 goals for growth. We will exp和 on the key strengths 和 areas of opportunity identified in our Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence任务优先级考试.

Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence

A three-year plan to promote diversity, 股本, 和 inclusion as a core strategic priority for the university.


A process of institutional reflection resulting in a renewed commitment to our Catholic, 耶稣的身份.


Loyola is where Jesuit social justice meets 新奥尔良 creativity.